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Concret Nails

Item No.: WA0710

Material: 45#; 55# Steel

Usage: Architectural

Packaging: Bulk; boxes&cartions, Bags&cartons; or according to customers' requirement


Concrete nails also known as steel nails, is one of nails. The nail is made of carbon steel materials No 45 or 60 steel, through wire drawing, annealing, forming, quenching process, so the texture is rather hard. concrete nails function is acting on some hard nails on objects. This nails feature is hardness thick and short strong farfetched ability.

Concrete nails classifications:

Concrete nails post the slider, Ruled, twill, spiral, bamboo and other. Common is ruled or slider.

Concrete nails also divided into black, blue, the colored, countersunk head concrete nails, K type, T type. Galvanized concrete nails and so on.

Nail Sizes1.8x20mm4.2x75mm
Nail Sizes2x25mm4.57x100mm
Nail Sizes3x40mm4.8x80mm
Nail Sizes3.4x50mm4.8x90mm
Nail Sizes3.8x65mm5x125mm

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