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Woven Mesh

Item No.: WA0500

Material: Steel

Application: Architectural

Packaging: Standard export packaging


Woven wire mesh or woven wire cloth, is woven by machine. It is similar to the process of weaving clothing, but it is made of wire. 

The mesh can be woven in different weave styles. Its purpose is to produce solid and reliable products to adapt to various complex application environments.

High precision technology makes the production cost of woven wire mesh higher, but it also has a very wide range of uses.

MaterialSUS202、302、304、316、304L、316L、321Stainless   steel wire
Weaving methodPlain   weave, twill weave, dense weave
Specification of stainless steel wire mesh2   mesh--635 mesh,Plain Weave Mesh: 1 mesh to 400 mesh
Twill Weave Mesh: 400 mesh to 635 mesh

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